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PET Mold - PET Blow Mold / PET Preform Mold
PET Mold - PET Blow Mold / PET Preform Mold
Name : PET Mold
Item No / Type : PET Blow Mold / PET Preform Mold
Description :
Our services range from pre-sale consultation to a complete plant setup including machinery and peripheral equipment planning. From preform design to blow molding, we offer complete service.
PET Stretch-blow Mold
We employ state-of -the-art CAD / CAM technologies to design and build high-quality tooling. We supply blow mold tooling by customer's demand for an increasing variety of markets applications ranging over wide-mouth jars, cosmetic and detergent bottles, pharmaceutical bottles, soya sauce and edible oil bottles, double seam can, bottled water, heat-resistant bottles, and CSD bottles.

PET Preform Mold
1.Molds are designed for high performance using alloy steels and stainless steels, which guarantee maximum precision, high stability, and long life.
2.Using sophisticated and very fast systems, we support customers from preform to bottle design, to optimize the functional and aesthetic , demands of the container.
3.Profiled core and cavity cooling channels increase the heat transfer coefficient, resulting in greater efficiency and minimized cycle times.
4.Manufactured to very high standards and optimized for preform production, our molds have a service life of several years before refurbishing becomes necessary. Mold design makes service and maintenance operations fast and easy.
5.Our design standardization provides maximum application flexibility and rapid changeovers.

PET Preform mold: 4、8、16、32、48 civilities
PET Blow mold: 1~ 6 civilities