Pet Bottling Turnkey - PET & PP
Pet Bottling Turnkey - PET & PP
Name : Pet Bottling Turnkey
Item No / Type : PET & PP
Description :
• Offers PET & PP bottling turnkey proposal
Our services range from pre-sale consultation to a complete plant setup including machinery and peripheral equipment planning. From perform design to blow molding, we offer complete service.
Applications :
Food, oil, carbonated drink, mineral water, juice, alcohol and cosmetics bottles, tennis ball jar and high-temperature-resistant bottles.

1. Reliable productivity.
2. Provide full range know-how, Preform design, and bottle forming technology.
3. Stable quality of preform carry perfect diversified cold or hot-fill bottle, jar and wide neck container.
4. Container volumes range from 60ml to 5 liters; output ranges from 1000 BPH To 6300 BPH.
5. Multiple security devices ensure the safety of operators and protect the machine.
6. Economical investment, and energy efficient.
7. Sincerely after-service.

Our PET machines produce the widest range of packaging products available on the market.